Did You Write Any New Year’s Resolutions This Year?

Did You Write Any New Year’s Resolutions This Year?

I’m curious – did you write any New Year’s resolutions last year? If you did, how did you do?

According to Forbes, just 8% of people achieve their resolutions.

I personally don’t like to make resolutions.

As exciting as it can be to ring in the New Year at midnight separating December 31st and January 1st, I feel like every day should feel like you are ringing in the New Year.

Ring in the New Day!

Ring in a new day every day! After all, even January 1st is a new day, right?

A new day! How exciting is that? We get a new start every 24 hours!

Habits Die Hard… Resolutions Die Easy

Ms Feng Shui Frustration

When people make big resolutions for the New Year, they might stick with them for a couple of weeks… if they’re lucky.

But we tend to forget about our resolutions – we get lost in our old routine.

Life happens. Old habits die hard.

Just 8%, remember?

So why not take it one day at a time?

Keep It Simple

We all know what we want, but it is much simpler than we sometimes think.

I would argue that 99% of what we want is to be happy and healthy. It almost all boils down to these two things.

  • Want to lose weight? Healthy
  • Want to get a better job? Happy
  • Want to quit smoking? Healthy
  • Want to manage debt? Happy
  • Want to drink less? Healthy
  • Want to take a vacation? Happy

So, let’s break this down into manageable and achievable daily tasks instead of lofty goals that 92% of us will never achieve.

Make a short list of three to six things you would like to accomplish each day to be just a little happier and healthier than you were yesterday. Keep them simple and specific (call Mom, eat 2 servings of vegetables, write a letter to my best friend, organize my desk, walk one mile on the beach, smile during 50% of phone calls, read a chapter from real estate investment book, research Caribbean resorts, etc.).

Every night or morning, go over the previous list. Physically write “done” or “not done” next to each task. Next, write the small, achievable goals for the next day of activities.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Goals Grow Naturally

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You’ll feel good about your accomplishments and will build your confidence in the process. You will naturally begin to challenge yourself.

With time, you will notice that the small and seemingly unimportant tasks sometimes become previously “unachievable” and life-altering tasks (volunteer 2 hours at a homeless shelter, run a marathon, write a guest article for my trade magazine, put in an offer on an investment property, book trip to Grand Cayman, etc.).

Feng Shui Resolutions

So for 2015, don’t overwhelm yourself with a long list of resolutions that you are unsure you can accomplish.

Instead, set a daily goal for yourself to start changing your life a little at a time. This is exactly what I tell my clients – don’t try to change everything at once because it gets overwhelming and you may give up.

Improve one Feng Shui Bagua area at a time – declutter the Career Area around your front door, for instance.

Then, move around the Bagua one area per day in a clockwise direction.

Next Steps

Feng Shui Clutter

Start the New Year by letting go of some “baggage.”

With either physical clutter or energetic clutter, you don’t have room for positive new energy or items unless you clear out the old ones first.

Seriously, eliminate unwanted gifts you have received over the holidays. Just because someone gave it to you, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Donate it, sell it or throw it out!

Just as you can declutter physical objects in your home, you can declutter bad energy with a Feng Shui Space Clearing.

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