February 13th Event

Gene Trowbridge is one of Orange County’s leading securities attorney.specializing in real estate syndication.

He is a leading authority on teaching investors how to raise money while navigating today’s legal complexities.

Learn how I am putting together my own Self Storage fund working with Gene.

I will discuss the process and time frames that it takes to set up a fund and the money raising process.

Now is the time to increase your business by raising large amounts of capital to get into bigger projects to take advantage of today’s market. This is one of the best times in history to expand your business.

This is what Gene will share with you:

  • What is Crowdfunding and the 4 types
  • What is Equity Crowdfunding
  • What is Regulation D
  • What is Regulation A+
  • What is Regulation CF
  • Should you set up a 506C or 506B? And what is the difference?

And find out:

  • Recent changes in the law that effect raising money from investors
  • The new ways we can advertise for investors
  • How to structure your investment companies
  • How to split money with your investors
  • This will be taught at a level that all will understand. You don’t need to be a financial genius to understand.

And I will be the second speaker on why Self Storage investing is the best commercial asset class to invest in now and how the Square Storage fund is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the expanding market.

Learn why:

  1. Self Storage is the safest recession resistant asset class today
  2. Why self-storage is inflation proof
  3. Why self-storage is the easiest asset class to predict future cash flow.

Square Storage is seeking accredited investors to participate in the fund and take advantage of this unique investment opportunity. Let’s talk and see if this investment is right for you.

Square Storage is an investment fund focused on acquiring and managing a portfolio of self-storage properties in markets that consistently perform best from rental rate, occupancy and valuation outlooks. Since the self-storage industry is a highly fragmented market by small “mom and pop” operators that control 74% of the market place, Square Storage takes advantage of a opportunistic value add approach by purchasing and adding additional square footage and technology to these properties.

This will be a high-level meeting, but even if you are new in real estate, you must come. The audience will be filled with high net worth investors so I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.