Our mission is to inspire the Real Estate Entrepreneur

OCRE Forum is an educational and idea sharing organization consisting of highly motivated individuals.

Our main objective is to inspire the real estate entrepreneur to reach their financial goals by acquiring income producing real estate and other investments.

Meetings provide great networking opportunities and guests are allowed 30 seconds to pitch their needs and/or wants.

Professional Team Under the leadership of Scott Mednick, monthly speakers present valuable information relevant to today’s investors.

Scott Mednick has more than 25 years experience transacting residential real estate sales nationwide and specializes in acquiring and re-positioning undervalued assets.

Scott’s expertise is in acquiring distressed properties including non-owner occupied properties, bank foreclosures and probate sales.

He is a skilled negotiator and is adept at preparing financial strategies for prospective projects.

His reputation for professionalism and deal closing talents has earned him an impressive roster of clients.

Scott is also a highly sought after speaker on how to invest here in Orange County, California and out of state.