Mar 11th, 2020

Marketing Guru Steven Gregg

Feb 12th|  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm $25 at the door or $20 pre-registered 

New Location
OC Plaza
2575 McCabe Way, Irvine, Ca
Jamboree Road and the 405 freeway by Hotel Irvine

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Attend our meeting this Wednesday night and get your questions answered by Orange County’s leading eviction attorney.

California now has statewide rent control. For the first time, the state is placing limits on rent hikes with the hope of stabilizing rents for tenants. Attorney Steven Silverstein will explain the new law and what landlords need to know to be in compliance.

The law, known as Assembly Bill 1482 or the “Tenant Protection Act of 2019,” is designed to prevent the most “egregious” rent hikes across California, where most renters are struggling to pay for housing. But, like most laws, it gets tricky and there’s lots of “fine print” that landlords should know about.

Steven will answer the many questions about AB 1482 such as:

  • Will my apartment be rent-controlled?
  • What types of buildings will be impacted?
  • Is it retroactive?
  • How much is inflation?
  • Which communities have local rent control laws?
  • What if I live in a city that already has rent control?
  • How is AB 1482 enforced?
  • What else is in the bill?

Come get “free” legal information if you are a landlord, a flipper, or want to become an investor. Do it right, do it legal, and make money.

About Steven Silverstein

Steven has been specializing in representing landlords for over 30 years and is a leading expert on landlord tenant law in California. His firm handles hundreds of cases of evictions every year and has an outstanding reputation among professionals in his field.

He’s a frequent speaker at legal seminars for landlords and property managers and a continuing education instructor of bar seminars for attorneys. He routinely serves as a judge pro tem in Orange County courts. He also has extensive experience in rent strike cases which involves jury trials all the way down to the simple court trial.

Contact: Scott Mednick | 949.632.2600 |

Event Location

OC Plaza 2575 McCabe Way, Irvine, CA 92614

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