JUNE 12TH 6:30PM

Generating Wealth with Paul Rossano - in less than 6 hours a month!

June 12th |  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm $25 at the door or $20 pre-registered 

Double Tree Club, 7 Hutton Centre,Orange County

Leading investment strategist shares his winning formula for success!

George Antone, the author of 3 best-selling books on finance and investing is an innovator in developing and researching leading edge financial strategies.

One of the interesting principles he talks about is the formula used by banks called “FLOW + FLOAT = WEALTH.” However, they use OUR “Flow” to make THEM money. George and Paul show you how to change that, and pocket SIX-FIGURES over time by doing it at your local bank.

If you have FLOW of money in your life (for example income as an employee, revenue as a business owner, income or dividends as an investor, or any movement of money into and out of your checking account), you have to learn about “FLOAT” and how to use it.
Bold Promise: $100k + Low Risk + No Investing + 6 hours = 6 figures added to your net worth.

Sounds too good to be true but keep reading!
We are super excited to announce a $100k training coming up that does NOT require you to invest! Yes, you read that right! No investing required!

We are all used to the 3 main “buckets” of wealth building strategies: Investing, Trading and Saving. Strategies that you have heard or learned about fit into one of these 3 buckets.

However, there’s a new paradigm, a 4th method, that allows you to increase your wealth without having to do the traditional 3 methods… and it can be LEARNED and IMPLEMENTED in 6 hours or less TOTAL!
That means you never touch it again beyond that. It’s completely on autopilot!

This is like planting a seed in your filing cabinet or drawer, and having it GROW in there over time… to the tune of SIX FIGURES!
Yes, I was skeptical too, but the biggest skeptic out there was George Antone, the person behind this new paradigm and movement called “Hacking Finance.” Some of you have read his books on finance and investing.

I am getting a little bit too excited, but here’s why. We were able to invite the lead trainer from George’s organization to introduce you to this new paradigm “Hacking Finance”, but even better, cover in detail ONE of the many ways to increase your wealth by $100k or more starting

Yes, you will receive instructions to learn and implement this $100k strategy at THIS training!

Paul Rossano will be here to share the details of this information with you.
We are hosting this special training to teach you the financial legal loopholes and methods you can benefit from with no investing required.
Here are some of the topics covered at this event:
– How this new paradigm works, and what it means for YOU.
– Why it’s possible to learn + implement this in 6 hours or less TOTAL.
– How it makes inflation work for you instead of against you.
– Using “floats” like banks do to increase your wealth.
– Using the power of finance to benefit current investments AND personal finances.
– The details of the $100k strategy and how to implement it the very next morning!

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