Jan 8th, 2020

Short Term Vacation Rentals

Jan 8th|  6:30 pm to 9:00 pm $25 at the door or $20 pre-registered 

New Location
OC Plaza
2575 McCabe Way, Irvine, Ca
Jamboree Road and the 405 freeway by Hotel Irvine

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Short-term Vacation Rental Business with J. Massey, founder of CashFlow Diary

Short-term rentals are turning a profit faster than anything I’ve ever seen in real estate. This month’s speaker, J. Massey has built a system to control and manage short-term rental properties taking advantage of this highly profitable niche market.

J. Massey will share how to lease properties and use them as Vacation Rentals. No home ownership is necessary.

Yes, you do NOT need to own the homes, you can lease them so very little capital is needed to start this business.

He has put together a “Blueprint” teaching all the pieces you’re going to need to get your first one set up and ready to scale.

Short-term rentals not only turn a profit fast, they are proving to be one the easiest real estate models to get started with.

In fact, many of his students have secured their first units in less then two weeks and are adding property after property to their short-term rental businesses.

Trying to learn this business on your own is possible, but it would take you a ridiculous amount of time. Following a model is always the smartest path to success. And, J. has built the model.

His Blueprint includes:

How to create a 5-Star Airbnb rental from the ground up that earns you profit, while keeping high reviews. Even if you don’t own any property and have never owned a business before this system enables you to generate “real income” that raises your financial needle while your competition drops. You can become a person of influence for your network no matter what your past experiences are.

Step-by-step live instructions on finding the best locations, learning how to leverage innovative software and technology from people who earn more than 7 figures annually, and building an operational team built for success you will be learning techniques and everything you need to know. His Blueprint covers all the information you’ll need so you may have the clarity to know what deals are legal and good to go after accelerating your progress towards financial independence.

Educating you in all things Short Term Rental, you’ll be prepared to answer any questions that potential landlords, government officials, journalists, police officers, or even potential business partners have confidently. You’ll learn how to do business in the strictest of locations.

If you want to build a business that’s producing more money than your paycheck…

And if you want to learn to scale that into six, seven, or even eight figures a year…

…then you should come January 8th and learn more about it.

Scott Mednick

Event Location

OC Plaza 2575 McCabe Way, Irvine, CA 92614

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