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Mar 14th


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Pete Asmus

EVENT DETAILS / How to use Commercial Real Estate to capitalize on the Cannabis boom

 Mar 14th | 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm $25 at the door or $20 pre-registered 

Double Tree Club, 7 Hutton Centre,Orange County

How to use Commercial Real Estate to capitalize on the Cannabis boom

with Pete Asmus

Join CEO Pete Asmus as he talks about 
  • Why Now is the time and metrics to back it up
  • Breaking down the Industry
  • How we find the properties
  • How we find tenants
  • Case Studies and Pro-forma’s
  • How you can get involved
For instance, Colorado will collect $1 Billion in taxes alone this year, not to mention permits, local fees, etc. California is expected to do $2 Billion in Medical sales this year. Once California begins to sell Recreationally, experts anticipate a $15 Billion-dollar industry in The Golden State alone. So, how do you invest in this opportunity without your capital going up in smoke? We hope that you will come and learn what our plan is, how we are going to implement it, and how you can get involved!
The continued legalization of cannabis will have the single largest IMPACT on our economy for next 50 to 100 years or more. When the federal government repeals the prohibition of Cannabis, it will have a bigger impact than when the prohibition of Alcohol ended merely from a technologic and population point of view. Simply extrapolating beyond what the current States with legal Cannabis are making, we are looking at an emerging industry of TRILLIONS of dollars. From Cultivation to Retail, from Delivery services to Testing labs, the IMPACT this single product will have on our economy will be so enormous we can’t even truly quantify it yet. This is because most of what will happen hasn’t even been realized at this point.

Pete Asmus is the CEO and Fund Manager for GREENZONE Properties, a “Boutique” Real Estate Investing Fund focused on Real Estate in the Cannabis Industry; and Alchemy KINGS, a 50M Reg A+ Fund focused on the Cannabis Industry as a whole from real estate to business development and acquisition. Get in on the GREENRUSH Cannabis BOOM [with OR without] getting into the Cannabis business and book a time to connect at http://bookPETE.com

Pete is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Award winning Radio Host, Editor of Investor Quarterly™, Author of Force YOUR Dreams into Reality© and the QUESTION Factor©, Off Market Property Blueprint, and now The Stock Market Refugee and finally he is the founder of Asmus MEDIA Group. Pete has built a database of over 3.3M investors and owns the Largest real estate Groups on LinkedIn totaling more than 1.1M investors.



OCRE invites guests to give a brief pitch about their services.  If you have a property to sell, have money to lend, have a business that works with investors you may announce it to our group of investors. You will have 30 seconds to give your best pitch. Don’t be shy, tell us what you do.

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Orange County Real Estate Investment Club

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Orange County Real Estate Club

Orange County Real Estate Investment Club

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DoubleTree Club by Hilton Hotel Orange County Airport
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