Feb 8, 2017


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EVENT DETAILS / Hector Padilla - Buying Los Angeles Apartments with Selling Financing

Feb 8th | 6:30

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Mr. Hector Padilla, President & CEO:

Hestor smMr. Padilla operates a real estate acquisition and investment firm in Los Angeles. His bread and butter strike price is $1,000,000 to $15,000,000.

He is a real estate entrepreneur and has been a principal investor in commercial property, luxury homes, motels, apartment buildings and commercial land.

As a principal, Mr. Padilla has closed on over $76,497,000 worth of real estate.

During his presentation he will reveal The Raw & Brutal Truth about investing in today’s market:

  • Why he prefers to purchase properties of $1M to $15M. You will be shocked!
  • How he structures seller financing, in HOT markets, like Los Angeles.
  • How he purchased a Hollywood Parking lot for only $75K & SOLD it in 13 months for $1,375,000. Simply amazing!
  • How he purchased an Apartment Building, in Los Angeles, valued at $9,5000,000 for only $6,000,000 using a Funding Partner & got Seller Financing. NO Banks! How many of these deals do you need to live, THE GOOD LIFE?
  • The beauty of being a True Real Estate Entrepreneur creating Financial & TIME Freedom. You only need to close 1 to 3 deals per year. No more chasing birds!
  • How you too, can easily start your very own Real Estate Acquisition & Investment Firm to capitalize in the next cycle.
  • How to use his methodical PIG system to create exponential growth in 2017.
  • The crazy phenomenon to accomplish more in the next 12 months than you have in the last 12 years.

You will not want to miss this NO HOLDS BARRED presentation from a Multi-Millionaire Investor that has purchased over $76,497,000 in real estate & was able to retire at the age of 39. He now lives, “THE GOOD LIFE!”. And you can too.

OCRE invites guests to give a brief pitch about their services.  If you have a property to sell, have money to lend, have a business that works with investors you may announce it to our group of investors. You will have 30 seconds to give your best pitch. Don’t be shy, tell us what you do.

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Orange County Real Estate Investment Club

Orange County Real Estate Investment Club

Orange County Real Estate Club

Orange County Real Estate Investment Club

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Irvine Chinese Cultural Center
9 Truman Street, Irvine
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Los Angeles real estate entrpreneur shares his system for making acquistions

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