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Welcome to OCRE Forum – Orange County’s  real estate networking and educational forum for investors of all levels.  OCRE Forum hosts monthly meetings that are geared toward educating real estate investors and networking with industry professionals.  Click here for this month’s meeting.

“ OCRE Forum is a great way to learn from other investors that are doing deals right now.  Their meetings provide an opportunity to make great connections.  It’s better than any tapes or books.”

How To Create A House Flipping Machine

Wednesday, February 12, 2014    -     7:00 – 9:30 pm


Justin Williams has over flipped 300 houses in the past few years – most of those in the past 24 months!  Is he superhuman or just super stressed? Neither, actually! He’s simply discovered the secret to creating real estate businesses that run practically on autopilot.


Home buyers shifting to condos as house prices rise

By Andrew  Khouri  LA Times
December 3, 2013

For many young adults, condos are the only affordable path to homeownership in  urban areas near jobs and entertainment.

Southern California home buyers have pulled back, purchasing fewer  single-family homes in October as they struggled to afford  houses that have jumped in price this year.

They didn’t, however, lose their appetite for condos.

Changing cultural attitudes and skyrocketing home prices have boosted demand  for condominiums this year, experts say. For many, condos are the only  affordable path to homeownership in urban areas near jobs,  cafes and boutiques.


Get your business on the right path for 2014 with Greg Reid

Wednesday, December 4th – 2013


Super Charge your business with Greg Reid, the highly sought after motivational speaker who has published 28 best sellers, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines.

Plus learn the secrets to financing your deals using private money with Sam Morcos.



Buy Ugly Houses – - and you can too!

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Tim Herriage, with HomeVestors, is an active real estate investor that is currently buying 50 houses a year.  No mater what the market is doing, he’s able to find product.  He has fined tuned his buying strategies to win in any market.  Join us Wednesday, October 2nd and hear first hand how he is finding such great deals.